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International Management & Business Development Consultant

Carlos Peixoto Consulting adds client value through: (a) Executive Coaching and Strategic Planning; (b) Business Development, M&A valuation, due diligence, negotiation and transition, as well as interim management; (c) Review and Improvement of Finance and Administrative processes such as Performance Metrics, Cost Efficiency plans and Internal Controls; (d) Ethics and Business Conduct best practices training and Compliance Programs review/implementation.

Directly and/or through a network of associates, we assist companies getting setup in international jurisdictions in which we have past experience, assisting our clients while identifying and developing people, assessing best operational locations, efficient customs and tax regimes, finding local consulting services, agents and other related matters.
Cel.: +5521 9 9385-9942

Carlos Peixoto

+40 years of experience in the energy industry

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In early 2010 Carlos started-up an independent consulting firm, aiming at continuing to contribute with the industry by providing services associated with his network and experience obtained during 30 years of a successful international carrier, devoted to the areas of finance, performance and process improvement, compliance, negotiation and people’s development.


For almost 25 years, he has worked for BJ Services Company, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, in the oilfield services business. Retired from BJS in Nov`09 in the position of Latin America Region Controller covering Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Barbados, Brazil, Panama, Trinidad, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Also doing business in West Africa - Angola, Gabon, Mozambique.

In Jan-Feb’05 led a multi-language/multi-functional team of experts on a special assignment to Singapore, associated with a fraud investigation. The team successfully reviewed and re-stated the Financial Statements of the Asia Pacific Region, which was preventing the company from filing its 10-K report before the U.S. Security Exchange Commission.

During 2002 played a leading role in the finding and investigation of an executive fraud and FCPA case in Argentina, which resulted on a Cease-and-Desist Order between BJ Services and the SEC in March 2004.

Between Jun’96 and Jan’02 held the position of Middle East Region Controller, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with business in Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

He played a leading role in the teams that registered and started-up the company’s business in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, as well as registering in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE. He participated in negotiation of Joint Venture agreements in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India, as well as Agency agreements in various Middle East Region jurisdictions, as well as in Angola.

He has been involved in business planning; business restructuring; valuation & acquisitions; due diligence; tax planning; labor and tax litigation and negotiations; business application implementation and process improvement; fraud investigations; Sarbanes Oxley internal control systems implementation and other related matters.

International Assignments
Bogota, Colombia (Jul’88 through Feb’92)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Feb’92 through Feb’96)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Jun’96 through Jan-02)

Formal Education
MBA Project Management Specialist from Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Aug'11
MBA Finance Specialist from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota-Colombia, Nov’91
Bachelor of Accounting Sciences from Fundação Visconde De Cairú, Salvador, Bahia-Brazil, Dec’78

Project Management Institute
Regional Counsil of Accounting - Rio de Janeiro (CRC-RJ)
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives -  Rio de Janeiro
ACRJ - Rio de Janeiro Chamber of Commerce
ABCO - Associação Brasileira de Consultores
Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course
Britcham – Câmara Britânica de Indústria e Comércio no Brasil

Tax details
Federal Tax ID 11.597.404/0001-20 – Rio de Janeiro Municipality Tax ID  046.7461-8

Recent Relevant Projects

  •  Developed and implemented a compliance & antifraud training program for a US company in Brazil 

  • Assist a Chilean client with interim management and wind up of a brazilian legal entity

  • Assisted a brazilian company with product introduction in the market

  • Assisted a US client with product introduction to the Brazil O&G market

  • Introduced a US client to the Colombia O&G market

  • Due Diligence and Negotiation on an M&A Project in São Paulo, Brazil for US client

  • Business Development project in Venezuela for a US client

  • Due Diligence in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a US client

  • Business Development for a Mexico/Argentina client, including registration of a local subsidiary in Brazil

  • Developed and conducted In-Company Compliance training program in Macae and Rio de Janeiro

  • Due Diligence and Negotiation in Macaé, Brazil on an M&A Project for a US client 

  • Business Development project for a US client in the Executive Training business entering Brazil

  • Registration of a subsidiary of a US client in Rio de Janeiro and further move to Macaé, Brazil

  • Cost Efficiency and Internal Controls review & recommendations for a US client in Argentina

  • Due Diligence in Salvador, Brazil on an M&A project for a US client

  • Business Development project, assisting a US client on a Cooperation Agreement with a Brazilian enterprise

  • Consulted on a Finance, Planning & Reporting process improvement project for  a US client

  • Registration of a FZE and a Branch of a foreign entity in Colombia for a US client (incl. finding local support)

  • Assisted two US clients in hiring Finance & Accounting personnel in Bogota, Mexico, Brazil and Houston

  • Assisted a US client identifying and hiring Logistics & Marketing personnel in Argentina

  • Due Diligence in Oman on an M&A project for a US client     

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